Air Brushing

Suntrenz has added Airbrush tanning to its product line. At Suntrenz we use 100% natural tanning solution, free of artificial fragrances, preservatives and harsh chemicals. Instead, Suntrenz’s tanning solution incorporates certified organic aloe vera extract, vitamins A and E, marine collagen, and antioxidants to provide potent soothing, healing, firming, and anti-aging benefits.

Our airbrush technique is handheld and completely tailored and customized to match your skin tone. The first step to an even, gorgeous tan, Suntrenz complimentary normalize treatment is a pre-treatment spray that hydrates and evens out skin so the tanning solution adheres to and penetrates uniformly.

To further customize your airbrush tan, you can choose from different Elixirs, tanning enhancement add-ons that will have you fighting the signs of aging, subtly glowing and smelling delicious. You can choose from Anti-Aging, Golden Shimmer, Pineapple Scent, Orange Ginger Scent, Slimming, or for added color DHA Booster.
If you have questions about this offer please contact us today or call us at (650) 583-3739 for details.


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